About Lukas

Lukas is an online image bank

Lukas manages digital imagery of the finest works and masterpieces of Flanders’ artistic heritage at the behest of museums and heritage organizations. Specifically aimed at professional customers, this distribution service delivers pinpoint-sharp digital images, perfectly suited for even the most demanding of applications.

Lukas for buyers of images

Lukas is the worldwide manager and distributor of images and reproductions of Flanders’ cultural patrimony. An interactive module allows for the unequivocal requesting and ordering of image usage rights.

Lukas for art lovers and private persons

By bringing together and presenting the collections of Flanders’ artistic heritage in one centralized place, Lukas offers an added value that transcends the boundaries of museums and heritage institutions.

The ‘Print on demand’ option proves a particularly practical and contemporary tool for any art lover.

Lukas for the Flemish museums

Lukas represents a voluntary collaboration with museums and other heritage organizations on a win-win basis.

Your collection on the web

First, a selection of artworks is made by mutual consent and integrated into the image bank. Subsequently, image licensing, distribution formulas and any applicable deontological limitations are discussed and set down.

Your advantages

  • Lukas ensures the qualitative, safe archival of the most important works and provides the digital infrastructure.
  • Lukas offers an integrated solution for image management and administration.
  • Lukas stimulates the purchase of image rights with targeted promotion.


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